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May 22, 2008

News this week includes: FamilySearch teams with to bring online  the Brenner Collection of German records (1650-1875) with more than 3.5 million names and between 900,000 and 1.5 million images; and announces plans for massive additions in global content and new geographical locations, including a Chinese site with Chinese Jaipu and a Spanish-language site.

George shares a special web page that specifically contains the list of all the NARA microfilm collections that have been digitized and indexed. The site is at and contains a search template for searching these specific databases. There is a complete list of the databases which you can access and search individually. George recommends bookmarking this site!

The Guys talk about some collaborative research they helped a friend with. It concerned identifying the names of the two casualties of the explosion of the ship, Ophir, in the port of Gibraltar on 11 November 1918. In the process, an interesting story about the explosion is discovered.

The Guys discuss in detail the "Brave New World of Genealogical Research" that has evolved in the last several years.