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Feb 6, 2007

George announces a genealogy conference in Tallahassee, Florida (, a computerized genealogy conference in Provo (, and three different genealogy cruises between late October and mid November, and reminds listeners of the writing contest deadline for ISFHWE (  Listeners share their successes in keeping local museums in business (, ask how to cite census records, ask how to do genealogy on a budget, tell us about the Genealogy Guys being on a French genealogy wiki (, solicit UK listeners to sign a petition to release census info (, and talk about how much fun it is to volunteer for the FamilySearch Indexing Project.  Drew gets ready to begin his new job as an "Information Literacy Librarian" at the University of South Florida and discusses information literacy concepts with George, and both share their suggestions for being more helpful when posting queries to mailing lists and message boards (especially including the name of the county in which a town is located).