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Nov 25, 2009

News from includes more records, such as U.S. Navy records, improved 1850 U.S. census images, Atlanta federal penitentiary records, more historical postcards, Bavaria muster rolls, and other new records from Ireland, Australia, and Paris. has added more Native American records.  RootsMagic has updated its website and has released RootsMagic Essentials, a free version of the RootsMagic software.  The DAR has made an online database of many of its genealogy records available to the general public.

Listener e-mail involves a question about the link to New York government divisions (turns out it's on Wikipedia); the correct pronunciation of Islip, NY (which Drew did correct in the show notes from the episode in which he mispronounced it) and another NY town; the Federation of Genealogical Societies 2010 conference in Knoxville, Tennessee; volunteering to provide free online access to records, especially local historical records; volunteering to provide genealogy classes at the local public library; online Navy records and other military records; issues related to using Facebook, Genealogy Wise, and the Genealogy Guys videos on; citing census records; running Windows programs on a Macintosh; and researching Smiths in England.  

Drew shares his first experiences with Google's latest online service, Google Wave.