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Dec 8, 2009

This week's news includes:
  1. has made available the first-ever interactive collection of World War II documents, including the memorial of the U.S.S. Arizona at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The collection is free to access through the month of December.
  2. The National Genealogical Society (NGS) has announced details of the Librarians' Day at its annual conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, in April. This pre-conference program is sponsored by ProQuest. Details are available at
  3. ProQuest and NGS will honor an outstanding librarian at the same conference by awarding the Filby Award for Genealogical Librarianship. Learn more at
This week's listener email includes:
  1. Sharon reminds us that the search for immigrant ancestors must include looking at both ends of the journey. While an arrival record of someone from the U.K. in 1925 shows only a destination, the departure record in the U.K. may show the traveler's home address. U.K. migration records can be found at
  2. Tina corrects our statements in episode #189. does not yet include all the civil registration index entries. In addition, civil registration in England and Wales began on 1 July 1837 and not 1838.
  3. Steve is seeking clues about a grandfather who divorced his first wife and remarried, apparently taking the second wife's surname.
  4. Victoria shared information about the S.S. Jeremiah O'Brien, one of only two remaining, fully functional Liberty Ships built and launched during World War II. The ship has been restored and is anchored at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco, open to the public. Learn more at
  5. Gus asks for advice about citing sources on genealogical posters he has created of his family lineage.
  6. Nancy asks about George's book, The Official Guide to, and how current the book remains.
  7. Larry asks about using a DNA test as it applies to establishing lineages for immigrants.
  8. Rich shares a newspaper story about the Texas state government taking blood samples of newborn infants for testing purposes, and then retaining the samples for other experiments. This has resulted in lawsuits by parents/families and concerns about privacy. See more at
  9. R.J. advises us of another product that allows Mac users to run Windows on their Macintosh, Linux, and OpenSolaris machines. It is called VirtualBox, manufactured by Sun Microsystems, and can be found at
  10. Terri has purchased RootsMagic 4 and Family Tree Maker 2010. When she migrated her data from Brother's Keeper software, she lost information on all her living relatives. Drew offers a suggestion to check.
  11. Lisa asks about genealogy software available for her iPhone 3GS.
  12. Gus has been watching The Genealogy Guys Videocasts at and finds that the most recent way that George has labeled/titled the files makes the content easier to find and differentiate.
  13. Marie asked where at RootsWeb she could find Gary's transcribed index of "Memoirs of the Miami Valley". Drew located the index and emailed Marie with the URL at