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The Genealogy Guys Podcast #191 - 2009 December 7 UPDATE

Dec 11, 2009

The Guys published a new podcast dated December 7, 2009. However, one of our listeners reported a problem with the repetition of material following the first commercial break. This is the second time this has occurred. We rechecked the file and verified the problem. We believe it is a software problem with GarageBand, the software we use to record and process the podcasts. We believe that the "mix down" process that occurs after the editing of the podcast, and what actually produces the MP3 file, has a bug in it.

We are searching for details about this problem. However, in the meantime, we remixed the file, created a new one, and uploaded/published the podcast again.

The new, corrected file was republished this evening (12/10/09). If you want to obtain the corrected file, please visit The Genealogy Guys Podcast website at and open or download the new file.

Sorry for the problem, but we're on it!