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Mar 30, 2010

The 200th Episode!

The Guys are pleased to celebrate the 200th episode of the Genealogy Guys Podcast!


This week's news includes: Mail in your 2010 census forms; a brief discussion of the NBC series, Who Do You Think You Are?; RootsTelevision will remain in operation; library funding crises are spreading as the New Jersey State Library is threatened with a merger with Thomas Edison State College; the Charlotte-Mecklenburg County [NC] Library system's threatened 13-branch library closure announcement is mitigated by staffing and operation hours slashes; the Library of Michigan's collection will remain in one piece for now, but other changes are being discussed; a Massachusetts senate bill proposes closure to all that state's vital records created after 1841; Turner Publishing of Nashville, Tennessee, will take over all of Ancestry Publishing's brand and books, and will continue handling distribution and sales; The National Archives in the U.K. has announced that it will cease publication of its acclaimed genealogy magazine, Ancestors, and subscribers must contact the publisher, Wharncliffe Publishing, Ltd., concerning refunds.

George has been been contacted by Gary Gibb of and Chad Milner concerning some quality problems with Ancestry's recent upgrade of census images. George discusses the 1861 censuses for three Ohio counties reported by Tina, and the intense attention being taken to address problems.

Jonathan Wiltman announces GenAnswers, a new site at, a new and free genealogy question and answer community.

Meg announces that her True Lover's Knot has been published as notecards by at

This week's news includes:

  • Sherry found a 1920 census form for her great-grandmother, Matilda (Tilda) Leafgreen on which the enumarator apparently noted in the left margin that this was the best information he was able to obtain.
  • Cynthia has been searching her Powell family on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and in Delaware, and questions the user of her married vs. maiden name.
  • Lisa tells us about the University of Washington's genealogy program, and you can learn more at
  • Several listeners responded concerning the tab dividers for use with extra wide sheets and items inserted inside sheet protectors. (Avery #11903 - Big Tab Pocket Insertable Plastic Dividers)
  • Erin recently completed a genealogy certificate program at Boston University. Learn more at
  • Russ asks The Guys to discuss the pros and cons of filing by Couple vs. filing by Surname.
  • Jamie discusses differences in's old vs. new search facilities.
  • Sheryl discusses her great-great-grandfather, Wiliam F. Nelson, and his immigration path.
  • Mike thanks Drew for an excellent DNA presentation at the seminar in Jacksonville recently.
  • Margaret has an ancestor born with surname Hopson, but the surname changed to Perriette and then back to Hopson. (Drew is investigating further on his own.)
  • Linda has a number of observations and comments about source citations.
  • Gus shares a news story about cemetery vandalism in the Kane Cemetery in the Bighorn Canyon Recreation Area in Montana. (Call (307) 548-5421 to report any information you might have about this case.)
  • Carolyn asks for suggestions for locating and obtaining copies of obituaries from Glasgow, Scotland.

  Thank you, everyone, for listening and becoming part of our growing family!